Movement Matters Bali is Ubud’s premiere Pilates studio. We bring together an amazing team of qualified and highly experienced teachers and offer the highest quality Pilates equipment.

Our fully equipped studio features 12 Reformers, 2 Trape Tables, 5 Pilates Chairs, 2 Ladder Barrels, all other Pilates apparatus and 2 Gyrotonic machines from the world renowned Pilates equipment manufacturers.

We use these Pilates-specific equipment in a cozy, friendly, supportive environment to train the body to achieve core strength, pelvis and shoulder stability, flexibility, post-rehabilitate injuries and postural re-alignment.

We help you build functional strength to make you feel great and look good.

Come visit us at our Ubud Pilates studio and get on the road to health.

At Movement Matters our Pilates Instructors:

  • Understand the body as being an integrated complex system where all parts are interrelated
  • Look at ways to help clients improve posture by facilitating core control and optimal movement of the spine
  • Make sure that the important stabilizing joints and muscles are in place so that we can work on releasing/stretching the overworked tight muscles
  • Always see our clients as individuals and never take a once size fits all approach
    • Balance the strength and flexibility by first isolating the muscles and joints and to assist client in recognizing their movement pattern. Once they are familiar with that, they can then integrate and execute a higher level of movement control.

We offer:

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Pilates is for you if you want to..

Improve core strength
Improve posture
Improve fitness level
Improve balance and coordination
Recover from an injury
Prevent injury
Improve specific sport skills
Heighten body awareness
Mental clarity
Live mindfully

Pilates and Gyrotonic FAQ