Postpartum is a special time for women to come to be in touch with her body, which has gone through tremendous changes in various systems.

Often ignored, on a physical level, the joints and muscles have changed and expanded rapidly in a matter of months, the body needs proper care in facilitating recovery to avoid compensation and imbalances that can potentially turned into chronic pain.


We have worked with many new moms in the past through a series of one-on-one sessions to help restore their body. The result is a supple core, stable and strong pelvis, better function pelvic floor, healing of diastasis recti, and better mental and emotional state of being.

The program is taught by our team of teachers who are certified Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialists.

This Program is for

  • New moms.
  • Not so new moms-It is never too late to start this program to restore your post natal body.

Program Component and Goals

  • An initial assessment of your postural, muscular imbalances, diastasis recti, birth history.
  • Release fascia restrictions that may have potentially inhibited healing. This is done with a fascia release ball.
  • Realignment the body for the muscles to function and response optimally to exercises.
  • Restore muscles tone and strength.

Program Detail

We have designed a 5-week one-on-one program to assist you through this journey.

5-week program, twice a week, 55 mins each session.

Meet twice a week with our teachers.

Each session will consist of(the length of each component vary from client to client, depending on what the body needs at any given moment)

  • 20 min of fascial release
  • 20 min post natal core restoration exercises
  • 15 min of Pilates equipment exercises to strengthen the upper and lower body

Investment in IDR:
6.16mil or 7.28mil with our Master Instructor, Sook Fun.
Fascia Ball set, 700k


You will expect a stronger and more supple body, more relaxed and upright posture, and improvement in your diastasis recti. You will also have more energy in caring for your baby.

After These Initial Sessions

Clients will have a set of exercises that they can practice at home. Moving forward they can choose to,

  • Continue to come to the studio and work with our teachers one-on-one
  • Join group Reformer classes(based on approval of the teachers)
  • Continue the program at home

You can also choose to do the program once a week.
Online sessions are available.

We are here to discuss your options with you, contact us!