Movement Matters Bali is proud to partner with Body Harmonics in offering one of the most comprehensive Pilates continuing education, specialist certificate and diploma programs in the world.

Please note: Courses schedule will be released a month in advance. Please visit this link for updates or join our WhatsApp group to get the latest schedule. Our WhatsApp at +62 82266086611.

Why Body Harmonics Education?

The goals for Body Harmonics education is to make top quality movement education accessible worldwide to anyone interested in learning the best ways to help others discover the power of optimal movement.

Body Harmonics education is science-based, hands-on, learner-centered education. Using a variety of methods—lecture, observation, movement labs, discussion and written materials—we aim to create interactive learning opportunities that encourage students to ask questions, seek answers, make suggestions and engage in a dialogue.

Body Harmonics courses focus on teaching students how the body works and delivering tools that are simple, straight forward and easy to understand which you can apply immediately. Tools that you need to help people move with as much ease and integrity as possible. From the current anatomy and biomechanic theory to step by step clear instructions, you are given a structure to work with that helps to improve your reasoning and critical thinking skills. You will be given lots of hands-on learning to embody the information.

We have extensive titles from Anatomy, injuries post-rehabilitation to special populations. These titles are designed to deepen your understanding of human body, problem solve and fine tune ways to effectively work with this complex structure and to get results. You will walk away with confidence in dealing with the general as well as injury populations.

These courses are suitable for Pilates, movement teachers and anyone who is interested in learning about the body and the optimal movement pattern.

Whether you want to dip your foot into a new subject area or fine-tune your teaching skills, these trainings will inspire you to be the best teacher you can be.

Completion of part of or all of these courses entitle students for Body Harmonics,

Essential Specialist Certificates

Essential Biomechanics

Our Essential Biomechanics Specialist program is designed to help you build a necessary foundation for specialized work with your clients.

Active Aging

Our Active Aging Specialist certificate program is designed for movement professionals inspired to help people move well and stay strong as they age.

Core Conditioning

Our Core Conditioning Specialist program is designed to provide movement professionals with the in-depth knowledge of key systems in the body that contribute to optimal movement, and how to create effective exercise programs that target each one.

Pre-Post Natal Conditioning

Our Pre-Post Natal Conditioning Specialist certificate program is designed for movement professionals who are interested in working with the pre and post-natal population.

Advanced Specialist Certificates

Rehabilitative Exercise

Our Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist program is designed to teach you how to approach movement issues by paying attention to and supporting the functions that are working well, while addressing various physical impairments.

Advanced Biomechanics

Our Advanced Biomechanics Specialist program will enable you to create customized one-on-one sessions and group classes with a deep and layered understanding of human movement and movement potential.

List of Courses

Online and in-person one-on-one and duet sessions available for all courses listed below. Please see below FAQ section. Register here.

Anatomy for Motion (6 hours)

Arthritis: Modern Epidemic (3 hours)

Balance Apparatus: Pilates Props with Purpose (6 hours)

Balance Systems and Vestibular Integration (2 hours)

Beyond Breast Cancer (6 hours)

Breathing Mechanics and Protocols (6 hours)

Build a Strong and Supple Spine (3 hours)

Career Growth Essentials for Pilates and Movement Professionals Course (15 hours)

Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols (4 hours)

Client Care Essentials to Build or Rebuild Your Practice (6 hours)

Core Integrity (12 hours)

Foot & Ankle-the Body’s Spring System (6 hours)

Gait Analysis (6 hours)

Golf Mechanics and Protocols (3 hours)

Handedness and Scoliosis (6 hours)

Hip Replacements (3 hours)

How To Help The Hypermobile Body (4 hours)

Mapping Your Muscles (6 hours)

Movement and Exercise for Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases (6 hours)

Movement and Exercise for Pregnancy (6 hours)

Myofascial Lines of Movement (12 hours)

Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and Orthopaedic Health (6 hours)

Pain 101 (3 hours)

Pilates Arc Repertoire (12 hours)

Post-Natal Reconditioning and Diastasis Recti Repair (6 hours)

Post-Rehab Protocols: Hip and Knee (12 hours)

Post-Rehab Protocols: Shoulder (12 hours)

Post-Rehab Protocols: Spine (12 hours)

Postural Analysis Foundations (12 hours)

Postural Analysis-Advanced (12 hours)

Power and Balance for Hip and Knee (3 hours)

Pre and Post Rehab Solution for Knee Replacement and ACL Reconstruction (3 hours)

Rehabilitative Exercise: Principles and Application (6 hours)

Resistance Apparatus: Pilates Props with Purpose (6 hours)

Running Mechanics and Protocols (4 hours)

Sacroiliac Joint: The Critical, Functional Link (6 hours)

Self-Care Strategies for Jaw Pain (2 hours)

Simplifying the Shoulder Complex (3 hours)

Strength, Balance and Fall Prevention for Active Aging (6 hours)

Strength Training: Principles and Application (4 hours)

Successful Strategies For Teaching Online (2 hours)

Successful Strategies for Training Male Clients (3 hours)

Swimming Mechanics and Protocols (3 hours)

The Motor Systems (4 hours)

The Sensory Systems And Their Role In Motor Control (4 hours)

The Somatic Nervous System and the Sensory Receptors (4 hours)

Towards a Healthy Pelvic Floor (6 hours)

Ultimate Mat: Repertoire Plus (6 hours)

Ultimate Reformer: Repertoire + Jumpboard (6 hours)

Unlock the Mighty and Mysterious Psoas (6 hours)

Upper Cervical Spine (3 hours)

Vertical Repertoire (12 hours)

Working with Multiple Sclerosis (3 hours)

Working with Parkinson’s Disease (3 hours)

Working with Spinal Cord Injuries (3 hours)

Working with Stroke (3 hours)

Wunda Chair Repertoire (12 hours)


Where can I complete these Specialist certificates?

They are available both online and in-person.

We designed our calendar in such a way that students are able to complete required courses in a targeted, organized timeline, to enable students to set goals and to plan for, complete and obtain these specialist certificates within a time frame.

Is there a time frame that I should finish all required courses in the Specialist certificates?

No. You can take as much time as you need.

Do these courses offer CECs?

These courses are eligible for CECs. Please check with your education organization before signing up.

Who can attend these courses?

Pilates/yoga/dance/movement teachers, physical/manual therapists, occupational/rehabilitation therapists, kinesiologists/osteopaths, sports trainers/coaches.

Who teaches these courses?

Sook Fun Chen.

Will I get a certificate for these courses?

Yes. Certification of Completion will be emailed to you upon completion. Completion of part of or all of these courses entitle students for Body Harmonics Primary Specialist Certificates and Advanced Specialist Certificates.

Can I take the advanced courses before I complete the primary ones?

Yes, you can take any course at anytime, there is no order that you need to follow. However, you have to fulfill the Essential Biomechanics Specialist certificate requirement before we issue you the Advanced certificates.

Do you offer one-on-one and duet training?

Yes, you can work with Sook Fun online from anywhere in the world, or in-person at our beautiful studio. One-on-One and Duet tutorial are 2/3 hours of the actual course hours. Please see here for prices. You will need to find your own partner for duet sessions.

What if I can not attend the online courses due to time difference?

We strongly encourage students to attend live, or book a private tutorial, to maximize the benefit of learning. If circumstances do not allow for either, students can choose to watch the replay of the sessions and send questions to Sook, or set up a free call to discuss course material after reviewing the videos. You will be eligible for CECs watching the replay.

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