• Certified Pilates Academy International Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Balanced Body® Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
  • Started teaching Pilates since 2014
  • The Center For Women’s Fitness-Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist
  • Certified Rossiter Stretching Practitioner Level 2
  • Les Mills Body Balance Advanced Instructor
  • 200 Hours Flow Yoga-Fitness First, Jakarta
  • Forrest Yoga-Fitness First, Jakarta
  • Thai Massage Certification-Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Jakarta

Other trainings:

  • The Center for Women’s Fitness-Support your Floor™ and The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™
  • Fascial Fitness Training-Fascial Fitness Association GmbH, Singapore
  • Beyond Breast Cancer
  • Build a Strong and Supple Spine
  • Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols
  • Core Integrity
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Gait Analysis
  • Handedness and Scoliosis
  • Pain 101
  • Postural Analysis Foundation
  • Power and Balance for Hip and Knee
  • Sacroiliac Joint
  • Simplifying the Shoulder Complex
  • Ultimate Mat
  • Unlock the Mighty and Mysterious Psoas
  • Upper Cervical Spine
“Being fit is a way of life, mind and body in sync with harmony and feeling comfortable in our own body!” ~Irene~

Irene moved from Jakarta to join our team in 2019. Within just a few months, she earned a reputation as a cheerful, professional, focused, and caring instructor. Growing up overweight, Irene embarked on her fitness journey early in life. Her determination to lose weight introduced her to various exercise modalities, and it was in a local gym offering Pilates group classes where she discovered her passion for Pilates. After experiencing the strength and flexibility benefits from her first Pilates class, Irene was hooked. She began incorporating Pilates into her weight loss regimen and muscle toning, seeing transformative results.

Motivated by her own progress, Irene became a certified Pilates instructor in 2014 and has been teaching ever since. A graduate of the London School of Public Relations in Jakarta, Irene combines her corporate experience and accounting background with her deep knowledge of Pilates to provide thoughtful, targeted, and detailed training to her clients.

Irene possesses a broad range of expertise in managing an array of physical conditions. Her experience encompasses treating spinal disorders like herniated discs, stenosis, spondylitis, degenerative disc disease, and scoliosis. Additionally, Irene is adept at guiding clients through post-rehabilitation from various injuries, including issues that impact the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and neck. She is proficient in addressing postural challenges faced by teenagers and offers specialized care for elderly clients, including those recovering from strokes and individuals dealing with Osteoporosis. Irene’s proficiency also includes providing tailored support for prenatal and postnatal women, assisting them in achieving and maintaining fitness throughout pregnancy and aiding in their recovery after childbirth.

Since joining our studio, Irene has actively participated in all the training we offer, continually seeking to advance her teaching skills. She is committed to improving her clients’ health and well-being, tailoring her approach to meet each individual’s unique needs.

Irene believes that being a Pilates instructor is an ongoing learning journey. “Pilates keeps me thinking and keeps me fit! I love to connect with clients, as everyone has different weaknesses and strengths. This makes me curious to meticulously discover what their bodies need and work with them accordingly. My clients make me a patient and caring person,” says Irene.

I was very happy with my class here…Irene really knows her stuff and taught me a lot about my technique….Thanks for the help Irene.”-Michael