Movement Matters Bali partnered with Body Harmonics® Education to provide the highest standard of Pilates education.

Our Bali Pilates Teacher Training Comprehensive Track is a three-step program that leads to certification as a Body Harmonics Pilates teacher. It includes:

Level 1: Mat

Level 2: Reformer

Level 3: Cadillac Chair Springboard and Barrels (CCSB)


Pilates Comprehensive Track

Open to anyone, our Pilates Teacher Training Comprehensive Track takes you through three different conceptual frameworks of movement theory. The traditional Pilates repertoire and equipment are the base, and we expand upon this by integrating the latest in human movement science. You graduate not only as a certified Pilates teacher but as a human movement specialist able to modify, amplify and adjust how you work to meet the needs of a broad range of clients—to effect positive change in how they move and feel. Whether you’re interested in learning to teach group or private Pilates in a studio, club or therapeutic setting, in person or online, your Body Harmonics education will set you and your clients up for long-term success.

Program meets Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) international standards for Pilates education.

Self-assessment to see if this is the program for you

I am committed to be a confident and competent teacher

I am proficient in reading and writing English

I am committed to the learning of movement

I want to use Pilates/movement modality to help your body to move better and to achieve long term benefits

I have benefited from practicing Pilates and want to help others do the same

I am very interested in helping others

I care for others’ well being

I know that if I am doing the above, I will be financially rewarded as a teacher

I am ready to embark on a learning journey that would open up my world to vast knowledge in movement coaching

I’m serious about becoming a teacher and willing to invest 100% of my focus and energy into the learning process

The Setting

Your amazing Pilates journey takes place at our beautiful studio in Ubud, Bali.

Our wonderful studio is not only filled with light and energy but top quality Pilates equipment as well.

How to start your Pilates journey at our Ubud, Bali studio

Level 1: Mat training is a significant first step on your journey to becoming a comprehensively trained Body Harmonics Pilates teacher. It will enable you to make a positive impact on healthy people with basic movement challenges.

Levels 2 and 3 will help you refine your teaching, observation and analytical skills. You will also learn the entire Pilates equipment repertoire and modifications. Even if you choose to teach part-time and only on the mat, Levels 2 and 3 will make you a superior teacher and problem-solver for movement impairments. With a Body Harmonics Pilates Comprehensive diploma, you will be ready to help people with almost any movement related issue.

Why enroll in the full Pilates Comprehensive Track

  • Turn your training into employment anywhere
  • Work effectively with people of all ages, and physical abilities
  • Embrace a unique career that provides a flexible schedule to meet your lifestyle goals
  • Enjoy full-time income with part-time hours

Pilates Comprehensive Track curriculum includes

  • 216 classroom hours (including 6 hours of the pre-requisite Continuing Education course: Anatomy for Motion)
  • Minimum 220 hours of self-practice
  • Minimum 240 hours of practice teaching
  • Estimated 115 hours of home study/review
  • Written exam at each level
  • Practical exam at each level

Note: Certificate will be granted upon successful completion of relevant courses, fulfill additional hours required and passing the final exam of both written and a practical test.

Maintaining a Body Harmonics certification status

To keep a Body Harmonics certification diploma current, all certified teachers are required to complete 15 hours of continuing education credits (CECs) every two years. Credits can be earned by attending in combination Body Harmonics Continuing Education courses, Pilates classes or one-on-one sessions and relevant educational events through other institutions.

Mentoring sessions available, email us for info.

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