Many people have suffered pain that does not go away for many years. Chronic pain is a challenge when you have tried many modalities but nothing seem to work.


This is when you start looking at the your pain from a different angle and alternative ways of dealing with it.

Our body is a complex system which works individually and collectively to produce movement. Any injury or trauma, whether or not it is physical, mental or emotional, can throw our system off. For example, a tightness or injury in the foot can have impact on your neck, a shock that was experienced by your body can constrict your chest thus affect normal function for many years, or an organ dysfunction can cause unexplainable back pain.

In Rolfing, which we deal with the “fascia system” of the body, aim to look at the body as a whole. By manually releasing and realigning it, we balance the whole body fascially, thus potentially resolving discomfort, reducing compensations and alleviating pain. Essentially, the Rolfing process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form, thus enhancing postural efficiency and the freedom of movement.

What is Fascia?

Dr. Ida Rolf, the creator of Rolfing method, called fascia the “organ of form”. which mean, organ of posture. Fascia is a web-like complex of connective tissues, that connects our whole system.

Why Fascia Matters?

Fascia is constantly changing and adapting in response to demands and stresses placed on our body. It reacts to particular physical damage, to a joint for example, by producing extra material to enhance stability and support. However, it can produce more than is necessary. In time, rather than stabilizing movement it can actually reduce mobility, leading to a changed postural position and altered patterns of movement. Dr Rolf suggested that through deliberate, accurate and targeted movement of this tissue, over all relief and well being could be achieved.

Through Rolfing work, the elasticity and sliding capacity of the tissue can be restored and the body realigned in such a way that it can function with more ease.

The Process

While we free and integrate the body’s structure, we will also teach the client how to use these possibilities in everyday life. During the sessions, we attend to each part of the body, releasing specific holding patterns and then integrates that part, through movement, with the rest of the body.

What is Rolf Movement?

Throughout the Rolfing 10-series sessions, with Rolf movement work we bring awareness to the pre-movement pattern. We look into musculature/habitual inhibition of movement and we release and reeducate the system.

You will explore and change your perception by doing the exercises. Your movement then becomes easier and more effective in space and time. After each movement, we encourage you to take time to walk and notice the spontaneous effects that has on your system. Noticing how your feet are contacting the ground, how you breathe, and how you perceive your own body as well as your relationship with the surrounding space.

When your movement is supported by gravity, not only it lengthens our structure, but reveals a natural expansion of your expressiveness.

We will also explore basic movement in this process such as,

  • breathing
  • walking
  • standing
  • sitting and concentrate on very subtle movements for example,
  • the flexibility of each vertebrae
  • improving functionality of specific muscle usage.

Rolfing is for you if you want to..

Realign and free your body
Gain long lasting postural effect
Free from chronic pain
Recover from injuries
Heighten body awareness
Increase sense of well-being

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