• Body Harmonics® Certified Level 2 Pilates Instructor
  • Anatomy 3 Dimensions
  • Cervical Spine mechanic and protocols
  • Power Balance Hip and Knee
  • Postural Analysis
“‘Being Fit is to move your body with NO PAIN even when you’re asleep. MAKE YOUR BODY A PLACE YOU WANT TO LIVE IN’ ~Ratna~

Ratna is a friendly and caring Pilates teacher. Her passion is to help clients discover their potential by challenging their physical ability. Ratna does this carefully and strategically by layering and progressing the exercises.

Ratna based her teaching on executing exercises with optimal alignment and posture. After years of observing her clients, and realised how social image, lifestyle, and habitual patterns can affect the posture, her target is to education clients to better their posture at the same time building strength and improve flexibility.

Ratna joined us in 2023 and has been loved by our clients because of her enthusiasm, love of Pilates, most importantly, her cheerful personality and her beautiful smile has always made our clients feel welcomed!

Ratna moved from Jakarta to Bali in 2020. Ratna has always been very active, love to exercise, love outdoor and has done many years of functional training, Muay Thai and Pilates. Ratna loved for Pilates moved her away from her corporate job and to pursue the path of becoming a Pilates instructor.

“I do Pilates with instructor Nana. I really like the individual approach to each student, the attentiveness and competence of the instructor, as well as the positive attitude, this is valuable. At the first lesson, Nana asked me in detail about what was bothering me, explained what caused certain problems and how we would work with it. I noticed the effect of the training almost immediately, it became easier to keep my back straight, I felt less tired after a working day. I always leave training in a great mood and with lightness in my body!” -Tetyana-