We have designed a pre-natal program to be continuous from the first trimester through the early postpartum period, to keep the exercise routine progressive, simple and stress-free.

Guided by the training principle taught by Carolyne Anthony from The Center for Women’s Fitness, USA, during 1st trimester, we set the ground work. At this time, the body has not gone through much of a physical change and this is a suitable time to teach the fundamentals of breath, pelvic floor work and abdominal connection.


It is our aim to have the client understand how the exercises work on her “normal” body and to make the connections before any changes take place.

2nd trimester-the exercises will stay the same, but the body will begin to rapidly change. You need not learn a new set of exercises for the second trimester but learn to adapt the same exercise to your new body.

3rd trimester- once again the exercises will stay the same, but the body will change. Towards the end of the third trimester, we have included more stretching and releasing exercises in time for the birth.

4th trimester-the exercises included in the first trimester are also designed to become the early postpartum rehabilitation program and will be inclusive of conditions such as Diastasis Recti, C section and pubic bone separation.

This program design then becomes a simple yet effective way for your pre and postnatal body to exercise through all trimesters. It instils confidence and trust in the body.