Aging actively has become the goal for many seniors. Due to the changes that accompanying an aging body, special attention is needed when we work with this group of population.

Besides some of the diseases and conditions affecting seniors, falls, balance, lost of strength and flexibility, postural issues, chronic pain that are affecting mobility and daily living, are common challenges that seniors face every single day.


On the surface, it seems like working with seniors is no different from working with others, but there are factors to consider:

What do seniors want from exercise?

What are their goals? It can be as simple as maintaining their ability to perform daily activities, and live independently.

What happens in the aging body?

What are the risks and implications of the disease and conditions, including neurological diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis?

The importance of exercise and how can we use it to help?

How to help seniors with balance and fall prevention?

How to make fitness functional to them?

This Program is for

  • Seniors who are generally healthy but want to improve their quality of life by increasing strength and have better postural alignment.
  • Seniors who have joint replacements, bone loss, suffers from diseases, worried about falls and balance issues, want to reduce stress that is accompanying with aging.

Our teachers are trained to access and design program that focuses on safety, making seniors stronger and to empower them to understand and manage their body.

It is never too late to change, and to be better! Come and talk to us to see how we can help!