We introduced Ubud Pilates Reformer classes to residents and visitors in 2013, and since then these classes and sessions have become very popular. Often clients come to us specifically to ask for Reformer classes.

The Reformer is one of the pieces of equipment Joseph Pilates invented. It’s versatile, it’s low impact and safe (if done under guidance of a good Pilates instructor) The Pilates Reformer is challenging and fun.

With just one piece of equipment you target the whole body from your head to your toes. All parts of the body in all range of motions in your joints are worked, the result is better alignment that leads to better posture which leads to pain free movement/body.

There are hundreds of exercises that can be done on the Reformer. In our UBUD Pilates studio, the Reformers are our most used pieces of equipment as they are used both for rehabilitation and general fitness

When using the Pilates Reformer for general fitness, we are focused on strength and alignment. We help our clients build a strong core and find the balance which promotes stability and good health.

Another great benefit of the Pilates Reformer is rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation. The consistency of the spring resistance on this machine helps with optimizing muscle contraction both ways – lengthening and shortening, there’s no jarring of the joints. Movements are done in a controlled, precise and slow manner. In this way, precision isolation of the muscles during the rehabilitation phase is emphasized.

All these help with injury recovery as well as realignment in the body in post injuries Using the Reformer helps us to achieve better function and ease of movement.

Since the Pilates reformer is such an important piece of equipment in our Ubud studio we make sure that we are only using the best products.

We use Stott Merrithew reformers which are some of the highest quality, International standard Reformers in the world. The differences they make for the clients cannot be overstated. These Reformers are designed for comfort and performance with the highest quality foam padding, well fitted size carriage that suits all body types, higher safety measurements, and smooth gliding mechanisms. This means that you can focus on your exercises without noticing any potential machine flaws. This is not true of all brands, some of which really lag in terms of quality. Stott Merrithew Reformers make sure that the experience between you and the Reformers is seamless.

So whether you are looking to use a Pilates Reformer to improve your general fitness and health or are looking to fix an existing injury, Movement Matters is the place to come. We bring together top Pilates instructors with world class equipment for a one of a kind experience.

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