• Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor
  • Certified ITEC (UK) Healthy Eating Coach
  • Started teaching Pilates since 2013

Other trainings:

  • STOTT’s Injuries & Special Populations
  • Scolio-Pilates USA, Module 1 & 2
  • Build a Strong and Supple Spine
  • Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols
  • Core Integrity
  • Power and Balance for Hip and Knee
  • Simplifying the Shoulder Complex
“Being fit goes beyond just being healthy. It is the ultimate form of self-love that enables one to enjoy life to its fullest.” ~ Pei ~

Pei’s journey with Pilates began in 2007 when she attended her first class and experienced the transformative benefits of regular practice on her body alignment and muscle strength. This positive impact led her to pursue certification in STOTT Pilates. Hailing from Penang, Pei’s background as a marathon runner in high school resulted in a wear-and-tear injury on her right knee, which she found strengthened through Pilates practice. As a recreational scuba diver and swimmer, she noticed improvements in body buoyancy and core muscle endurance, enhancing her enjoyment of these activities.

In her teaching career, Pei encountered clients with various pain and injuries, inspiring her to expand her expertise by completing the STOTT’s Injuries & Special Populations (ISP) course. Additionally, she holds a certification as a Healthy Eating Coach from the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) in the United Kingdom, allowing her to support clients in achieving holistic wellness goals.

Pei’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of injuries and post-rehabilitation cases, spanning spine pathologies like herniated discs, stenosis, spondylitis, degenerative discs, and scoliosis. She also has experience with various hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder conditions, demonstrating her comprehensive understanding of musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation.

One notable success story involves a 30-year-old client with scoliosis and chronic lower back pain who, through consistent bi-weekly Pilates sessions, completely alleviated her pain within a year. This remarkable improvement enabled her to fulfill a dream of backpacking for two weeks in Taiwan, exploring without the burden of pain.

Pei has also provided guidance and support to clients with Parkinson’s Disease, senior citizens aged 60 and above with Osteoporosis, and individuals managing conditions such as diabetes and obesity. A testament to her dedication, Pei’s oldest client, aged 92, continues to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle under her guidance.

Recently, Pei’s expertise helped a senior client achieve a significant milestone. After just three months of weekly Pilates sessions, the client successfully trekked to the Five Colour Lake and Milk Lake in Yading Natural Reserve, Sichuan, China, a feat that speaks volumes about the effectiveness of Pei’s tailored Pilates regimen in enhancing physical endurance and mobility.

“I really liked Pei’s class. Her instructions were clear and she is so knowledgeable. She explained the routines well and she guided us personally when needed. One of the best instructors out there after my personal experience from going to multiple different studios. She corrected our posture so that we’re working the right muscles and made sure we’re doing correctly so not to injure ourselves. Highly recommend trying her class.” ~ Sabrina L. ~