Become a versatile Pilates teacher and movement educator with a Pilates reformer certification!

Pilates Level 2: Reformer builds on the concepts of Pilates Level 1: Mat. Postural and functional assessments serve as the backdrop to more than 150 exercises and modifications performed on the Pilates reformer machine. Incorporating our unique progressive sequencing™, Modules 1, 2 and 3 cover the beginner, intermediate and advanced Pilates reformer repertoire. Module 4 is devoted to practice and personalized feedback. You leave knowing how to: build bodies with balanced strength and flexibility, improve movement and function, manage injuries and fine-tune athletic performance. Take your clients and your career to the next level by learning to teach functional and challenging reformer group classes and one-on-one sessions with skill and confidence.

Pilates Level 2: Reformer (222 hours)

Our Pilates Level 2: Reformer curriculum is available in a 12-day continuous immersion program.

The content in Pilates Level 2: Reformer is designed to deepen your knowledge of human movement and increase your skill set so that you may apply it to teaching both in-person and online.

Learning objectives

  • Master the complete Pilates reformer repertoire
  • Develop exercise modifications and variations for all levels
  • Explore ways of working with individual clients in one-on-one setting
  • Learn the art of versatile class design for the group machine class environment
  • Gain an understanding of primary postural assessment techniques and functional anatomy related to spine, lower and upper limbs


  • Pilates Level 1: Mat

Program of study

  • Module 1: Reformer Foundations (18 hours)
  • Module 2: Reformer Intermediate (18 hours)
  • Module 3: Reformer Advanced (18 hours)
  • Module 4: Reformer Practical Application (18 hours)

Practice teaching (minimum 100 hours, mandatory)

Practice teaching involves conducting one-on-one reformer sessions with individuals who agree to act as practice clients.

Self-practice (minimum 50 hours, mandatory)

The self-practice component consists of practicing on a reformer—on your own or with your peers. It may also include taking Pilates mat or machine classes at the location where you are taking your program.


  • Online written exam
  • Practical exam