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Pre-requisites & Course Expectations

What is the pre-req to enter your Pilates Teacher Training(PTT)?

Level 1: Your love for Pilates and movement!

Level 2: Reformer – Completion of Level 1.

Level 3: CCSB – Completion of Level 1 & 2.

Do I have to be a movement teacher to enter your training?


What if I have to miss part of the training?

Students are expected to complete the number of hours of the training as scheduled. In the event of missed hours, students have to make up by booking private sessions with the Master Instructor at additional charge of US$75/hour. You will typically need less hours privately than your missed group hours, for example, if you miss 4 hours group training, you will need to only book 2 to 3 private hours.

Can I take Reformer prior to Mat, or only take Reformer and be certified as a Reformer Teacher?

No. We do not just teach you Pilates exercises and how to teach them, we teach you how to work with clients in real life and these ideas and concepts are introduced throughout the 3 levels progressively.

Training Fee

What does the fee include?

All-in-fee includes tuition, material, exams & supervised teaching

Does the fee include food and accommodation?



Is your certification recognized worldwide?

Yes. Our comprehensive certification has been around the Pilates education industry for more than 25 years and is recognized as one of the best learner-centered education and we have graduates in North America, Europe and Asia.

Who is the Master Instructor?

Sook Fun Chen

What is your class size?

Class size for Mat training between 4-15, Reformer and CCSB between 3 to 12.

What is the benefit of getting trained in Comprehensive?

Apparatus can add extensive repertoire to your teaching and useful for training special population from older adults, injuries, pregnancy, osteoporosis to athletes. You will learn how to progress or regress exercises and target different muscles group within the same exercise to achieve different results. Becoming a Comprehensive can mean that you are committed to learn the full repertoire and have the knowledge in taking on clients of all populations. Comprehensive Pilates teachers are highly sort after in studios around the world.

Can you give me an example, and take me through steps in becoming a certified Pilates instructor?

Here is an example of a breakdown of becoming a certified teacher.

Fulfill the pre-requisite.

Attend our training.

Complete additional hours required after the training.

Take and pass the written and practical exams.

Do you offer one one one training?

Unfortunately, we do not. We encourage our students to join the group training as the dynamic in groups can be very inspiring, and beneficial. Students can practice and observe various postural and movement patterns, which is necessarily to prepare them to teach in real life.

After The Training

What are additional log in hours?

Practice teach.

Self practice.

Home study/review.

Details will be discussed during training.

Does the practice teaching have to be with a qualified Pilates instructor or can it be with anyone?

You can teach anyone in your practice teaching.

How do I log in these hours?

There are copies of log in sheet in your manual. You will need to input dates and initial after each hour.

Do I have to do the additional hours at your studio?

You can, but not necessary.

At our studio: during the month of training you can observe, self practice and practice teach for free and after which if you wish to continue, you can sign up for our mentoring program.

What is mentoring program?

This program is to help students, to learn and practice their material to work toward their certification, includes observations, self-practice, and practice teaching at our studio (note that for self practice and practice teach has to be done during non-peak and priority has to be given to clients). Student who sign up for the program will enjoy special rate to all our group classes.

Please email us about this program.

Can I teach after the training?

You can start teaching as a student teacher/trainee, however you are not a certified teacher until you have completed all required additional hours and pass your final exam.

Course Certificates

What would I receive after the training?

Upon passing the final exams for each level, you will receive a certificate showing your certified teacher status.

Level 1, Certified Mat Instructor

Level 2, Certified Reformer Instructor

Level 3, Certified Comprehensive Instructor

Final Exams

Is there a timeline between completion of training and taking the final exams?

Yes. It is 6 months for Level 1(Mat)training, 9 months for Level 2(Reformer) training, 6 months for Level 3(CCSB) training.

How do I apply for final exams?

Scheduled exams dates will be announced during trainings.

Where and whom I can take my final exams with?

Practical exams can be done in-person or online, details are discussed during training. Written exams are done online, .

What do I do in the final exams?

This will be discussed in the trainings.

Do I have to take the practical exam in English?


If I don’t pass the written or practical test? Will there be any re-test and additional fees?

Yes, there is a retest fee.

How much does it cost to do my final exams with you?

The fee has been included in your training fee. Therefore you do not have to pay extra for the exams. Unless it is a re-test.

Can I book a mock exam with you?

Yes, it is at US$75/hour.

Registration, Cancellations, Refunds and Schedule Changes

When is the training?

Each level of our trainings is scheduled once a year in April and September.

What is the registration process?

Fill out this online form.

We review and send you a registration confirmation, or email you with any questions.

Course confirmation sent by us.

How can I pay for the training?

You can pay by credit card online, by cash, or by bank transfer.

Do you offer payment any plan?

You can pay full fee or,

20% non-refundable deposit at the time of registration, 80% to be paid 30 days before trainings start.

What is your refund policy?

Fee paid is non-refundable in part or in full. No cancellation is allowed. If we cancel the training, you will be given 45 days notice, and we will refund your tuition fee via the same method the payment was made. Please note that there may be a bank currency conversion difference at the time of refund and we aren’t responsible of any discrepancy.

What do I do to confirm my spot?

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Full payment guarantees placement in the course.

Will you cancel any training?

We need minimum sign ups to run trainings. We will give a 45 days notice should we need to cancel/postpone a training. If you have paid for your tuition fee and are not sure if you should go ahead to book your flight and hotel, kindly email us. We are not responsible for any additional costs incurred due to the schedule changes.

Can I stay in Bali for a few months to complete all including taking the final exam?

Yes you can, but plan on staying here for at least 2 months for Level 1(8-10 hours/week), 6 months for Level 1 & 2(14-18 hours/week) and 6 months for Level 3 (12-15 hours/week), and work very hard on study, preparation, practice teach and self practice.

What is the time frame you suggest if I were to complete these requirement myself in my home country?

3 months for Level 1, 6 months for Level 2, 6 months for Level 3.

Can I take my final exams after each training or do I have to do them all together if I want to take the Comprehensive training?

You will do an written and a practical exam at each level.

Location and Logistic

What kind of visa should I get to enter Indonesia?

Please check with your local Indonesian Embassy on visa requirement.

Where is your training held?

The training is held at our studio in Ubud, Bali.

We are located in Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, a village just behind Monkey Forest.

What is training time?

Please check out our Training Calendar for details on time and day.

Info on transportation please?

Arriving at the airport: Your hotels might have airport pick up service. If you hire taxis that you can hire to Ubud. Cost would be around Rp.350.000 to 450.000.

In and around Ubud: Hire taxis, motorbikes or online taxis service (around Rp. 20.000 – Rp. 200.000).

Outside Ubud: You can hire private car with a driver, between Rp.400.000 to 1 million a day, depending on hours and distance, or online taxis services.

We suggest you stay close to the studio, that way you can walk to us. There are many restaurants which you can walk to also. If you want to get out the village, you can hire a driver or motorcycle to bring you around.

Any hotels near your studio?

Yes, please click here for info.


A few restaurants within walking distance from the studio which serve Balinese, Japanese, Western and vegan food. From home cooking to slightly fancier places, finding your favorite restaurant is easy!

More info see here.

What to bring on the days of classes?

Please arrive 15min-30min earlier before the class starts on the first day.

Comfortable yoga/Pilates clothing.

A pair of socks.

Water bottle to refill your water at the studio.

After Being Certified

Do you offer workshops for Continuing Education?

Yes, we offer a series of workshops that can be found on our website for your continuing education. The list is growing so please also check back with us.

These workshops are also open to all other Pilates and movement teachers as well as clients.

All trainings include material and a certificate of completion.