Effective physical therapy is not just healing the injury. Effective physical therapy must provide a roadmap of the past so the client understands what led to the injury and then a roadmap to the future for preventing future injuries.

Physical Therapy in Ubud

Years of using our bodies in a less than optimal way, usually through not being active enough or being over-active, can cause us pain. Our lives are then impacted by this pain. We lose the ability and motivation to do our favourite activities and carry on with daily chores. We fear if we move we will hurt our body more. We become more sedentary, and thus experience even more pain.

This cycle goes on.

We can put a stop to this harmful feedback loop. When the body loses its ability to bring itself back to equilibrium and to restore itself, a systemic, organised and very diligent movement/physical therapy process needs to begin..

First of all you need to know how the body works in movement and the way the body parts support each other. Then you train the whole system. Once our training goals are met the body becomes like a luxury watch with optimized mechanics; it will run smoothly, effectively and effortlessly.

Our instructors have had extensive training, giving them a solid understanding of biomechanics, anatomy and movement science. We want to help our clients to understand it’s not just the pain issue they are dealing with, it’s a whole support system functioning properly or not. In other words, a knee problem is not just at the knee, a shoulder issue is not just about the shoulder.

Not only are our instructors at the top of their game, our equipment is also world-class. We have some of the world’s finest kinetic movement machines in our studio in Ubud, Bali. This equipment allows us to accurately target muscle groups and biomechanical chains within the body, efficiently and effectively strengthening the body according to our client’s needs.

When you work one on one with us we put together a customized exercise program and constantly evaluate your problems and progress. If a problem is identified that is outside of our scope we can refer you to specialists to address that issue. Working in tandem we can assist you on your journey from the rehabilitative stage to the fully functional stage, and finally, Post-Rehabilitation.

We view movement/physical therapy as more than purely healing an injury. Our goal is to make our clients better than they were before the injury and to give them the tools to maintain a long and injury free life.

With homework exercises and follow up assessments, our clients are always part of the Movement Matters Bali family. Together we are on the road to a healthy lifestyle with a body that’s alive and movement that is enjoyable!

What our Clients Say:

At Movement Matters our Instructors:

  • Understand the body as being an integrated complex system where all parts are interrelated
  • Look at ways to help clients improve posture by facilitating core control and optimal movement of the spine
  • Make sure that the important stabilizing joints and muscles are in place so that we can work on releasing/stretching the overworked tight muscles
  • Always see our clients as individuals and never take a once size fits all approach
    • Balance the strength and flexibility by first isolating the muscles and joints and to assist client in recognizing their movement pattern. Once they are familiar with that, they can then integrate and execute a higher level of movement control.

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