Anatomy in 3 Dimensions(Balanced Body Course)

Anatomy in 3 Dimensions: US$650

Body Harmonics Primary Specialist Certificates

Essential Biomechanics Specialist: US$1,628

Core Control and Systems Specialist: US$1,873

Age-Related Movement Impairments Specialist: US$1,383

Advanced Biomechanics Specialist: US$2,444

Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist: US$3,403

Body Harmonics Individual Courses

Advanced Postural Analysis: US$489

Anatomy for Motion: US$244

Arthritis: Modern Epidemic: US$244

Beyond Breast Cancer: US$244

Breathing Mechanics and Protocols: US$244

Build a Strong and Supple Spine: US$122

Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols: US$163

Client Care Essentials to Build or Rebuild Your Practice 101: US$244

Client Care Essentials to Build or Rebuild Your Practice 201: US$244

Core Integrity: US$489

Ethical and Conscious Touch: US$122

Foot & Ankle-the Body’s Spring System: US$244

Gait Analysis: US$244

Handedness and Scoliosis: US$244

Hip Replacements: US$122

Movement and Exercise for Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease: US$244

Myofascial Lines of Movement: US$489

Neurophysiology 101: US$489

Neurophysiology 201: US$244

Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and Orthopaedic Health: US$244

Pain 101: US$122

Post-Rehab Protocols: Hip and Knee: US$524

Post-Rehab Protocols: Shoulder: US$524

Post-Rehab Protocols: Spine: US$524

Postural Analysis: : US$489

Power and Balance for Hip and Knee: US$122

Pre and Post Rehab Solution for Knee Replacement and ACL Reconstruction: US$122

Rotator Cuff Conditioning: US$122

Sacroiliac Joint: The Critical, Functional Link: US$244

Self-Care Strategies for Jaw Pain: US$122

Simplifying the Shoulder Complex: US$122

Strength, Balance and Fall Prevention for Seniors: US$244

Unlock the Mighty and Mysterious Psoas: US$244

Upper Cervical Spine: US$122

Private & Duet Tutorial(Body Harmonics Courses)

Courses that are US$122,
One-on-one US$184
Duet(per person) US$153

Courses that are US$163,
One-on-one US$244
Duet(per person) US$203

Courses that are US$244,
One-on-one US$366
Duet(per person) US$305

Courses that are US$489,
One-on-one US$734
Duet(per person) US$612

Women's Fitness(The Center for Women's Fitness Courses)

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