Lela ThomasBali

I have received 65 private sessions since October 2015 which have resulted in an 8 lb weight loss, more balance and strength with 90% of my sessions with the very alert and astute Billy Christian. I was quite the challenge recovering for a 9 year old serious injury and being 71 years old!

Billy’s keen awareness, patience, humor and questioning for me to find the points of awareness in my own body are priceless! I am deeply grateful. How did we get so lucky and blessed to have both Sook and Billy in Ubud, Bali?!”

Jacob WBali

My experience at Movement Matters has been fantastic. The studio is perfect. It’s very peaceful with great equipment and the teachers are knowledgeable and caring. I have spent many hours doing Pilates and Rolfing with Sook and her approach to the process and her attention to detail are exactly what I was looking for. If you are looking for Pilates in Bali I believe Movement Matters should be at the top of your list.”

Talie LyttonUK

“Thank you for your wonderful welcome to your beautiful studio. It was an oasis of calm intertwined with serious hard work. Your kindness, expertise, patience but most of all great sense of humour were greatly appreciated. I have learned so much about my body being with you for only a few sessions and am inspired to train more. It can be nerve racking entering a studio especially when you feel overweight and out of shape but you made me feel welcome. I hope I can return soon.”

Cécile MBali

Thank you so much for your help in getting my body stronger and more flexible than it’s been in years. Choosing to do Gyrotonic with you after the birth of my third child was the most inspired decision and best possible gift to myself. Four months post partum I feel fabulous! Through your extensive understanding of the body and acute sensitivity you make it possible to go beyond my perceived limitation with grace, ease and a good dose of humour. The result is an increase in my energy, a positive mind and having to get a new wardrobe ;)I am incredibly grateful for you bringing the Gyrotonic method to Ubud. Bless you and best of luck with Movement Matters Bali!”

Jude HorrillAustralia

“The attention and individual advice Sook Fun gave me was so valuable, not to mention her warm, genuine welcome to her studio. She accommodated my desire to do some extra classes while on holiday. Her passion is infectious, plus when she pushes you or explains something difficult it is often with a great sense of humour. She truly wants the best for every individual body and person …the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual. And the added bonus is you truly do leave feeling happy.”

Karlyn CerdenaBali

“I had the pleasure of doing 10 sessions of Rolfing with Sook Fun at her lovely, serene studio in Ubud from Jan to Mar 2014. It was such an amazing experience(and yes sometimes painful)journey, as Sook Fun gently and intuitively guided me back into re-learning my body. Even today after the series I see the benefits and changes that continue to unfold in my body.”

Oskar PalmenfeltSweden

“One of my intentions this year was to explore how Rolfing would affect my posture – it was getting more vulture-like by every hour I spent in front of the computer. Neither yoga nor the weightlifting I was doing seemed to make me any straighter, so I was delighted when I met a Rolfer in Ubud, Sook Fun.

My posture did improve massively over our 10 sessions which the before/after pics clearly show, but the Rolfing certainly had some interesting side effects! Not only did small strains and pains disappear, but I now breathe deeper and more fully, I feel lighter when I jog, my yoga AND my surfing has improved due to better body awareness and more flexibility.

What I think made the greatest difference is the continuity in meeting with a deeply gifted therapist and get regular feedback, exercises and support. Its like I learnt how to sit, stand and walk again, in a way that supports and straightens me up. Thank you for that invaluable gift, Sook!”

Ben MacroryBali

“After a lifetime of poor posture and a series of accidents and injuries left me with chronic elbow, knee, and neck pain, I am amazed by the results of my ten sessions of Rolfing with Sook Fun. I’m now able to both stand and sit up straight in a way that would have seemed impossible previously, and generally inhabit my body with much greater ease and comfort, and with virtually no pain. The effects have even transcended the physical realm: on an emotional level, I find myself much more calm and resilient to life’s daily challenges. Sook Fun is strong yet gentle, and her technical expertise in combination with a highly intuitive approach makes her a pleasure to work with. In addition, she is very professional and always taking the time to make sure she addresses any concerns or questions.”

Samir Atassi

“I worked with Sook fun for over 2 years. It was my first experience with pilates to help my recovery following a back operation. She was extremely attentive and professional. She asked for my medical records, studied them and designed a program tailored to my needs. My condition improved significantly and my body became stronger (particularly my core muscles) and more flexible. I highly recommend Sook fun to either help recovery or strengthen key muscles groups.”

Sue TenSingapore

“I have been taking classes with Sook Fun for almost a decade. Her dedication and knowledge is unparalleled. She has an extraordinarily deep understanding of movement and the body. Her thoughtful and thorough approach to Pilates and Rolfing (the two disciplines I’ve tried with her) have been transforming.”

Laura deBoerCanada

“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take Pilates class from you. I think your knowledge will be hard to match in other instructors! Your flexibility and muscle control are inspiring and motivating! Thank you for giving me such a good foundation to Pilates. I really enjoyed learning from you.”

Dr Liana Harper, M.Sc, D.C. ChiropractorCanada

“I really like your feedback on positioning and how to properly do the movements. I think Pilates is a great exercise form especially for core conditioning-abs, back, upper thighs all around. You do a great job explaining the correct method and adding variety to the exercise. Thank you a lot. I have really enjoyed the classes.”

Andrea HertzCanada

“Wow! Amazing! Thorough! Challenging! Fun! Energizing! These are some of the words that describe your Pilates classes. You have a vast working knowledge of the Pilates exercises and can easily spot how to adjust me so I get the maximum benefit from the workout. I like how you adapt the class for each level of strength or ability. I like that you know and teach progression so that I am constantly working harder. I will miss you!”

Warren IrwinCanada

“I am able to live pain free again after suffer a long time from my herniated disc, I am back to snow mobiling last winter and it was my first time playing my beloved sport without pain! How amazing what Pilates has done for me! Thanks Sook Fun!”

Mark MckayCanada

“My waist line is reduced, my squash game is much better, I can hit the shots that I never be able to hit and I am beating some top players at the club! Its (Pilates) working!!”

Lu YiSingapore

“I suffer from a bad knee after a skiing accident over a decade ago, Sook Fun was (and is) simply wonderful. Under her careful and thoughtful guidance I learnt how to walk again, sit again and even manage to dance competitively. My posture has improved, my strength has increased and I am very much in tune with my body of what it can and cannot do. As such, I have managed to stay injury and pain free through hours of rigorous dance training and competitions. All this from someone who couldn’t even pick herself off the floor when she started Pilates!!!”

K L WongSingapore

“I had a stroke and breast cancer in 2004. Numerous medical tests, operations and chemotherapies left my body tired, weak and constantly in pain. Followed a friend’s recommendation, I started Pilates with Sook Fun. In 10 sessions, most of my aches and pains were gone, my frequent anxiety attacks also greatly improved…. I become a happier and more energetic person!”Add Testimonial here

Devin TanSingapore

“Sook Fun’s exercises not only provide the physical training that I needed but are well thought out so that I am always challenged and engaged. I have been working out with her three times a week for the last three years. I look forward to more years together.”

Ted TothSingapore

“In June 2007, I was 40 years old, 110kg, and everything started to hurt – my hips, my back, my shoulders….everything…..Today, I am 43 years old, 85kg, fit and strong. My body looks similar to when I was 25. Most all of the aches and pains I had in 2007 are gone and I feel 20 years younger, fitter, stronger and more flexible -and I have pilates, and more specifically Sook Fun to thank for it!”