Continue and transfer your existing Pilates credentials to complete and advance your Pilates teacher training and certification with us.

The Body Harmonics Pilates Bridge program is available to Pilates teachers who want to transfer their existing teaching credentials from another training institution in order to advance their Pilates certification. The program is also a great fit for Pilates teachers who started their training elsewhere, and want to complete it, test out, and receive a formal certification diploma at Body Harmonics.

Program options

Body Harmonics offers bridging options for all aspects of our Pilates Comprehensive Track training—Level 1: Mat, Level 2: Reformer, Level 3: Cadillac Chair Springboard Barrels (CCSB). We recognize that each candidate’s educational background is unique. Our Bridge program is, therefore, designed to accommodate a wide variety of candidates and situations. At the same time, we want to ensure that each applicant is well prepared to continue training at the next level with Body Harmonics.


We use a variety of ways to assess each candidate’s background including a questionnaire that students are required to answer, transcripts, credentials and other relevant documents. We will also discuss with you to discuss your experience and training. Based on your experience and professional goals, we create a program to help you fill any missing elements. Depending on your level of training, we may require you to complete, in full or in part, aspects of our Pilates Comprehensive Track:

  • Pilates Level 1: Mat
  • Pilates Level 2: Reformer
  • Pilates Level 3: CCSB

You will be required to purchase training materials and may be asked to complete the associated written and/or practical exam.


There is no fee associated with applying for Bridging program.

Maintaining a Body Harmonics certification status

To keep a Body Harmonics certification diploma current, all certified teachers are required to complete 15 hours of continuing education credits (CECs) every two years. Credits can be earned by attending in combination Body Harmonics Continuing Education courses, Pilates classes or one-on-one sessions and relevant educational events through other institutions.

How to apply

Contact us to start the process.

Sample programs

This is what we recommend for majority of our bridging students. Anatomy for Motions is required if students have not had any basic Anatomy study.

Level 1

Scenario 1: completed Mat training, but not certified.


Modules 1

Self review module 2. This module is required if students are not able to demonstrate enough knowledge of classical repertoire.

Module 3

Module 4

100% of self practice and practice teach hours.

Pass written and practical exam

Scenario 2: completed and certified in Mat training.


Modules 1

Self review module 2.

Module 3

Self review Module 4. This module is required if students are not able to demonstrate enough knowledge hands on teaching.

50% of self practice and practice teach hours, for teaching experience less than 1 year. Exempted for teaching experience more than 1 year.

Written and/or practical exam-case by case basis.

Level 2

Level 3

Special note:

If you don’t meet expectations during training, you will be reasonably asked to book private tutorial at $75/hour. This is to ensure that you meet the expectations of BH teaching pedagogy and graduate as a BH instructor.