Preparing For Your Class

We want to make every class of yours enjoyable and fun. This is how you can help us make this happen!

Tell us ahead of time when you can’t come for class so that we can give your slot away to others. All classes canceled without 22 hour cancellation notice will be charged full session fee.

We start our classes on time, so please come early to prepare yourself for a full class.

Wear socks with grips for the best foot grip and stability, also for hygiene purpose.

Turn your mobile phone on silent during class.

Wear clothes that are fitting and show your posture.

Pull long hair back so that it stays clear in the equipment’s moving parts.

Do not wear pants with zippers on them that may damage the leather on our equipment.

Do not wear lotion and skin oil prior to your workout.

No animal in the studio.

Children has to stay in the lobby while waiting for their parents.